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  1. hi there, please if some one can help me whit this? I don't understand why always i get a 0 zero kb inject.bin i have try in linux and also in mac os
  2. Hi guys. i have a problem i don't understand what i am doing wronkg i have made a script and all time i encode all goes fine but have 0 kb inject.bin file I have try the duckencode.jar also and they give me a different error java -jar duckencode.jar -i /root/scriptduck -o /root/output.bin Error on Line: 1 Error on Line: 2 Error on Line: 3 Error on Line: 4 Error on Line: 5 Error on Line: 6 Error on Line: 7 When i run the 2.6.3 version i get this java -jar encoder.jar -i /root/scriptduck -o /root/output.bin -l resources/br.properties Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6.3 Loading File ..... [ OK ] L
  3. hi everyone im brazilian also , have received my rubber duck i am not able to make any payload works :S they keyboard doesn't looks to be the same? can some on help me whit this?
  4. thanks cooper , but not allowed.. lol thanks for your time..
  5. Hello , and thanks for your time view my question. In facts i don't have any authorization to do this. they want me slave lool by the way I buy a rubber duck and turtle , ancious to receive .
  6. Hi everyone . Im new here. Let em introduce ,my name is Alexandre , im from brazil I have been learning a lot about penetrating and hack mods here i have a test im tryng to made and im not pretty sure how to complete this The scenario is this. i need to be able to connect to my work network to work from home i work in a support 7/24 , some times i don't want to come to work because is just me alone in the front of the computer some times i spend all week whit no issue so i want to be able to open a intranet site in my house. how is the best way to accomplish this? Can i create a vp
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