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Bluetooth Hacking


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How dead would you say Bluetooth Hacking is now days I wanted to pick up a Bluetooth Adapter thinking about the SENA UD100 try messing around with hacking into my phone I noticed the lacking of tools for Bluetooth I mean their is a few but not as many as compared to wireless.

I've been asking around but what it seems Bluetooth Hacking is a thing of the past what surprises me is the fact that the Pairing part should really be easy to get around you'd think since its likely to be a 8 digit pin if im not mistaken so wouldn't that make the pairing pin just as vulnerable as a WPS attack.

Their should only be 11,000 possible pins to try and guess and I don't believe Bluetooth has a auto lock out on failed key pairs.

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You're assuming the WPS pin flaw (2 sets of 4 digits verified independently of each other with 1 of the digits being a checksum digit) exists in bluetooth as well. Chances are it's an actual 8 digit pin meaning 99.999.999 possible pins. Plus I've yet to encounter a device that would agree to pairing without you first telling it to.

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Bluetooth sound bars are popular, would be fun to try and play porn in some ones living room...i don't think there is any security pins required... I have been thinking about this for a long while now...

What about Bluetooth hands free device? Carwhisper comes to mind... record from a microphone or play a mp3 file threw the headset...

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