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--==SOOO MUCH EQUIPMENT.... but no project....WHAT TO DO?


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My technolust is hitting me hard right now... I have so much badass equipment around me and no am itching for a badass project. I am up for anything, home security, home automation, hak tool, maxing out my wifi thought the house..... what ever you can think of. I would love to hear what kind of ideas you guys may have. Here is my equipment list:

Surface Pro 3, Broken Scree and dented shell. MS refused to fix and sent it back. (i7, 512ssd, 8 gb ram) use dock for monitor view

Dell 7440 Latop with dual 265gb mSATA drives,

16 port POE Managed switch,

2 - Raspberry PI

3 - Panana Pro

Wifi Pineapple

LAN Turtle

Rubber Ducky

Nighthawk X6 R8000

16tb Plex Media Server

What in the world could I do with all of this? I need something REALLY REALLY BADASS!!

Any Ideas?

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Not badass I suppose, but if you got a PoE splitter/converter that drops the voltage down to 5v you can use that to power your banana or raspberry pi's off of it.

You can turn your Banana Pi into a fileserver in much the same way as I did with a PcDuino 3 Nano.

You can make this your very own hacker lab by installing stuff like OpenBSD on the Banana Pi and try to hack into it. If OpenBSD is too high a target, install one of the Linuxes and see what works.

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I need to upgrade my setup, but I placed a raspberry pi b+ in my attic space... a ddwrt wireless router hooked to the pi for remote access... 3 alfa cards connected to a usb hub, one of these cards I use for my internet access... the 2 other cards are for fun...

I was thinking about replacing the pi with maybe a 'trim slice' or something with better throughput speeds...

I could use a remote control arm, for moving my directional antenna around. could be so much fun programming a 'auto tune' arm that maps out all access points best signal based on x/y arm location

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