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Completely New To This... Where Do I Start?


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I'm really new to the hacking/security world. As in, I've typed less than 500 characters into Kali new. I've watched a good number of YouTube videos to try and learn a lot of stuff, and have been searching around on the Internet, but it seems more often than not, I end up on a page or video that is completely out of my league. What are things that I should learn first?

Thanks for the help!

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If you're staring out in infosec from scratch. SANS have recently put out a new FREE resource for beginners over at http://www.cyberaces.org/ .

Its a good all round starter series of videos and lesson packs (pdf) covering the basics of understanding windows/*NIX/Mac file systems, using bash, Cmd, powershell, php, to name a few areas of note.

Personally, I've used securitytube.net extensively in the past and can highly recommend any training resources produced by Vivek Ramachandran who started that particular site.

Hope this helps.

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If learning kali, start first with the basics of linux in general, since this is your operating systems base. Know your commands and how to move around the file system, install it, etc.

http://docs.kali.org will get you started for the general install and configuring end.

As for the tools, those are more specific to the task you are trying to accomplish, which http://tools.kali.org will help with the list installed and what they can do.

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