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wifislax wireless dont work in vmware


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First, your chosen font sucks.

Aside from that, what do you want to do? Do you want to just do plain networking, or do you want to hack?

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@barry99705 Don't you mean the l33t h4x0r color??? :P

The internal wifi card will not show up in any virtual machine that I know of(May be a VM hypervisor out there that has the capability??), Unless it is a usb wifi adapter.

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Please, someone, give me an example of ANYTHING where an explanation that's nothing more than a variation of "it doesn't work" is sufficient to provide a solution to a problem... :sad:

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ok guys

i have install wifislax on usb

i start linset (evil twin attack)

it works correctly

i scan network and

choose one and i have handshake

but i have problem (pre-reading blacklist/whitelist)

the fake network dont work

what is the slove ???

Step by step, show us each command, and a screenshot of the output from each command along the way. If you need a free image space to upload, so we can see what is happening, try imgur - http://imgur.com/

This way, we can see each command, the errors, and where you are. ex:

ifconfig -a


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i boot on wifislax which i have already install it on usb flash
i choose wifislax -> wpa -> lenset (evil twin attack )
i choose the network i want to hack it
and i get handshake
the right process is (the fake network start to run and the victim will try to put the password of his network)
but i have (
pre-reading blacklist/whitelist) in the right box which is in red color
i try the process on another laptop its work correctly where the message (pre-reading blacklist/whitelist) appear but everything work
the fake network and i have hacked it

please help me

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