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Xbox360 has been hacked


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Yup, was in The Broken Episode 4.

thebroken made it look much easier than it actually is.

The "wonderful" tutorial failed to mention a lot of things. There are plethora of problems you can run into. Im assuming they read what worked and got that exact same setup. Well, not everyone is going to build a computer to flash a 360, nor try and find a first gen 360. Most of us use what we have.

Also, now the new 360's have a resistor on the DVD drive itself that has to be removed, then solder a switch to correctly flash the DVD drive (Unless you have a VIA chipset).

Once you get past all of this, it's a relatively simple process. Just dont watch that video thinking you can hack your 360 in about 5 minutes.

And yet, backing up the games is still a pain (You have to flash it, backup, then reflash back), not to mention you still have to bitset the DVD burner unless you buy the NEC/LiteON/BenQ model.

Im sure Team Xecuter will come out with a sexy solution. Those guys rock.

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* Update - We just bricked a 360 by attempting to solder the 1 millimeter solder points.

Now Im on the prowl for an older 360.

If your Samsung drive is firmware version ms28, and you dont have a VIA chipset, just close it back up. Not only does MS cover the board with this epoxy stuff so you can not get to the resistors, they are so small that you have to have a surgical touch to remove then resolder.

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They were pretty quick to fix it.

The sticker on the DVD-Rom says May 2006.

I dont see what stops some one from just making a compatible dvd-rom board. Of course that would be months in the making, however, that is where I see this all coming down too.

Order the new board, pop open Xbox, swap DVD boards, close Xbox.

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Honestly, I would not know. From other forums people have said they just bought a 360 and it was still the Samsung MS25 drive. However, others have turned around and reported they had a MS28.

This 360 was purchased locally 2 days ago and it had the new drive in it.

So far, anyone who has VIA chipset or VIA PCI Card, has said they can force a bad flash recovery by just turning the 360 off right before they flash and it will flash normal.

We tried this, and it was stuck at a pause.

If you have any other chipset, you have to solder it.


To give you an idea of how small the board is, it fits inside the DVD-Rom and those blue circles are about the size of a small sewing needle.

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