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Adding phone numbers on the iPhone with just "Numbers"


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Hey guys!

This is my first post! :D :D (really excited!)

I have a question for y'all!
What I want to do, is to upload 1000000 (one million) phone numbers from my computer (mac) to my iPhone in just one click without specifying names nor anything else..

Do you think it's possible??

Thanks guys! keep up the good work! :D

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What's the plan? Like, import the phone book for some big city into your phone? Chances are it'll work to some extent, but I don't think they designed it to hold that many so I'm expecting that as the size increases to anything above 100.000, things will slow down considerably.

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I've always been curious about it... not because of evil thoughts, but just genuine curiosity.

I found out that actually, the way you do it is to import a list of numbers to Excel, and then save the list as .csv

When you are done, you should transform it into a "vCard" (It's called like this in the "Apple" world I guess) with a special application, and then from your computer you just save them into your iPhone...

This is what I have found out... what do you think? I think it works though, cause I tried like 20 different numbers, and I was able to convert .csv to vCard and save them into my contacts on my mac..

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they should change and make it more difficult for others to save phone numbers that easily

Why? The person in question already has your number. Why should the iPhone make it difficult to import it into an address book? We don't blame the computer for running Windows, now do we?

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