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Recon mode not showing clients ?

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Does any body else have a problem with recon mode not showing connected clients i know the clients are connected because it is my clients that are connected

takes about 5 refreshes for it to show one client then after i refresh shows no clients again is this a bug or is there something wrong with the pineapple antennas

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I have not observed this behavior, but I don't spend terribly much time in recon mode at the moment. The three or four times I've been there since upgrading to 2.3.0 yesterday I was presented with what appeared to be valid results (I know that what it showed on my home 2.4 network was correct, of course I can't be 100% sure that the rest of the results were valid! :tongue: )

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I was having this exact same problem of not being able to scan for clients in recon mode. So I tried the re-flash to 2.2.0 and then back to 2.3.0, with the fresh re-flash I was again able to scan for clients in recon mode. However once I customized some settings to my liking the problem came back. So I did some troubleshooting and it appears to me that when the wlan1 interface is set to use a different MAC than default (macchanger) this problem occurs quite reliably. Change the wlan1 MAC to default and you can scan for clients, spoof the wlan1 MAC and the client scan keeps running forever with no results. Any thoughts on why this might be?

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