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  1. Well I really don't know what to think now The Pineapple was a little buggy (not saving settings) so I reset it and formatted the SD card. So to recount I have entirely formatted the Pineapple and my laptop HD followed up with fresh installs of OS software. 2.4.0 Mark V Kali 2.0 as the only OS on the HDpreviously I ran a dual-boot with first Win8 and then Win10 I hated Windows, so I got rid of it I tried installing the script multiple times on live instances using both Kali 2.0 and the latest version of CrunchBang (running these instances off of USB drives). I ran chmod on the entire folder and each file that the error (line 61 & 62) indicates is missing. I tried it before making any changes to the files at all after downloading to a live instance. I tried it after double checking the changes I made to the settings file and making sure all the hardware is in place and ready to go. And I'm still getting the same error... (basically this is what it is, I took out the file folder structure): 61: source: not found 62: main: not found Maybe it's my laptop? That would suck. Some Laptop Specs: Dell Inspiron I3541 AMD Quad-Core A6-6210 Processor 500GB Hard Drive 4GB RAM Should I try rolling back the pineapple firmware version to 1.0.0 and the OS ver to something earlier as well? I am finding it strange that the same error persists after I have wiped everything out and started from scratch like this. Especially because the first several times I ran the script I saw it work for a few brief moments and it was exciting to say the least I recently upgraded the pineapple's antennas (1 or 2 9dbi SMA dipole and/or the 16dbi Yagi) as well as added a powered long range booster to the external alfa card for the de-auth . So yeah, I am dying to get this script going in the lab!
  2. Well I completely wiped my HD today and reinstalled Kali from USB. I am now running Kali 2.0 since they came out with the recent update. But I am still getting the same error I also tried the chmod +x with no effect. The only thing I can really think of that I did (after the clean install), besides run an update via apt-get, was to install and run the wp5.sh script from wifipineapple.com as per the instruction booklet. I was looking to share the internet connection from Kali to the pineapple. Any suggestions?
  3. Ok so, upon closer inspection I no longer can get any shell scripts (.sh files) to run as executable. Ever since I tried installing Jasager on my Kali machine I am having to copy/paste (from .sh file straight into a terminal) from any scripts I have written myself I'm still learning how to use Linux so any help is greatly appreciated , does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. I posted about what I think might be a bug effecting the ability to scan for clients in recon mode on another topic as seen here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/35153-recon-mode-not-showing-clients/#post_id_264047
  5. I was having this exact same problem of not being able to scan for clients in recon mode. So I tried the re-flash to 2.2.0 and then back to 2.3.0, with the fresh re-flash I was again able to scan for clients in recon mode. However once I customized some settings to my liking the problem came back. So I did some troubleshooting and it appears to me that when the wlan1 interface is set to use a different MAC than default (macchanger) this problem occurs quite reliably. Change the wlan1 MAC to default and you can scan for clients, spoof the wlan1 MAC and the client scan keeps running forever with no results. Any thoughts on why this might be?
  6. Also this happens: ./jasagerPwn-Reborn -d bash: ./jasagerPwn-Reborn: Is a directory
  7. Does anyone know why I might be getting this error message? /root/jasagerPwn-Reborn/jasagerPwn: 61: /root/jasagerPwn-Reborn/jasagerPwn: source: not found /root/jasagerPwn-Reborn/jasagerPwn: 62: /root/jasagerPwn-Reborn/jasagerPwn: main: not found I'm able to run the script after a fresh install on Kali, but when I close the script and try to reopen it nothing happens. I'm only able to get the above error message when running the script from the terminal using the 'sh' command. I tried removing the JasagerPwn directory and reinstalling it, but it won't even run the first time. I was able to run it after installing it on a Kali Live instance, but I would rather not have to go through the install process everytime I want to run the script :P My setup: Pineapple MkV Kali Linux 1.1.0a Thanks for your help! I really enjoy your script when I am able to run it :D
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