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  1. https://t.co/LejDzIFR0w

  2. Rolling out Windows updates for CVE-2018-0886 (Windows CredSSP Vuln)? Need better visibility to accelerate patch ma… https://t.co/3CaItnIbDJ

  3. RT @_DennisGriffin_: Getting a lot of data from Osquery? Want to optimize queries to reduce it? Check out this blog post to learn how! http…

  4. RT @aionescu: There are no bugs in anyone's CPU. But there are compreshensive fixes for them, developed by your CPU vendor. That you need t…

  5. RT @darkbytesinc: Tired of an overly complex security stack causing false positives, maintenance issues, and ineffectiveness in incident re…

  6. RT @darkbytesinc: DarkBytes UCS - Version 1.0.1 Release Notes - https://t.co/xiQWr7XCrR

  7. RT @gentilkiwi: This @Apple new security measure is damn good... #mimikatz https://t.co/6cAZ1BidBM

  8. RT @mattifestation: The most fun thing about developing detections for attacks is developing bypasses for your detections. Rinse and repeat.

  9. RT @VidderInc: #Vegas, let's do this! Team @VidderInc is at #BlackHat2016 ready for all things #cybersecurity #hack #IoT #infosec https://t…

  10. RT @PaulWPoteete: 12 skills you should start building now if you want to be an entrepreneur @AuraInfoSec https://t.co/jtlPx78Trm

  11. RT @TrustedSec: Today marks our 4-year anniversary of #TrustedSec. Thanks to everyone who made this possible! https://t.co/VWftNbmfGS

  12. RT @VidderInc: #tbt to our #hackathon at #RSA alongside @VZEnterprise https://t.co/yW2HER3bT3 https://t.co/yRx3CkFcWx

  13. RT @climagic: Sending people security *hic* confirmation texts on a Friday night *hic* seems like a bad idea. *hic*

  14. RT @mattifestation: A WMI persistence sweep that you're probably missing: Get-CimInstance Win32_WMISetting -Property AutorecoverMofs

  15. RT @VidderInc: #ThrowbackThursday: The Incredible Shrinking Perimeter by @VidderInc CEO, Mark Hoover: https://t.co/UJ9iElnuKy

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