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  1. Hi, So say I have a nano wifi pineapple and I have this module that was coded for MKV, would it be possible to run it on the nano, or would I need to edit it a bit in order to work. Basically I am asking if there's a difference between the versions of wifi pineapple, because there is a few modules for other version that I want to use on my nano. All im tryna to do is find module for my nano that will inject html into all pages. I found modules for other version tho.\\thanks
  2. Hello, wonderful module, but Is there an a way that I could just inject an iframe in a page and not redirect it to an landing page?
  3. The user would have to already have admin powers or you would need to exploit ( privilege escalation , etc ) or rat them or something.
  4. Hey, I wrote an script that starts chrome and creates a twitter account, the only problem is I cant think of any ways to make generate an new email and password each time its plugged in. As of now, I have to change the email and password than re-encode the file. I thought of and looked into reading from the sd card directory, but that seems too messy. Any one have any ideas where or how I could generate / get the account information? I tested it on my machine (windows 10) and for some reason it requires more tabs than when I tested it at the computer lab computer (windows 7), so here are both scripts. Windows 7: DELAY 5000 CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 100 STRING chrome https://twitter.com/signup ENTER DELAY 3000 STRING PapaJones564 REM ^Enters the username^ DELAY 100 TAB STRING @nardski.33mail.com REM ^Enters the email^ DELAY 200 TAB STRING Samsung1 REM ^Enters the pass^ DELAY 200 ENTER Note: added delete to windows 10 because my computer would auto-fill it Windows 10 DELAY 5000 CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 100 STRING Chrome https://twitter.com/signup ENTER DELAY 5000 STRING DIMONOS5sh3 REM ^ Enters username^ DELAY 600 TAB DELAY 100 TAB TAB DEL STRING @nardski.33mail.com REM ^Enters EMAL^ DELAY 2000 TAB DEL DELAY 900 STRING G0ldFISH!! REM ^Enter pass^ TAB TAB TAB ENTER Thanks for your help, and have a good holiday ! :)
  5. Ok thanks I will. Hold on ill post it in a sec. Hope this is what you meant :)
  6. Hey, I bought a nano pine apple last may, I have not gotten to work 100% yet, I've ran into a couple of problems. The first day i got it I set it up and took a while but got. The modules worked and everything I think the wifi worked on my phone too. But ever since the first day I opened it and it worked after that it has not worked to its fullist. I took some screens shots below, to help sove it. So . when I set up the pineapple everything works but when I try to update it or get modules it gives an error. I've checked my network a couple of times and it looks alright. Also when I connect on my phone to the rogue AP it says no internet able. or something, Thank you, Any help is much approached.
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