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Merchant processor I think firstdata or authorize.


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He is asking should he use Authorize.net or First Data for an eCommerce solution, but realistically it depends on your needs. You can use any online merchant, applye for a CC machine and take orders over the phone, or just go it alone with something like PayPal, which is what I use for my business as well as selling goods online.


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Actually a retail point of sale system...I have to setup a payment gateway on a point of sale system. This is something I have never done before. Do I have a choice. I used first data with my last two banks. It is easy I think to setup. Url password and secret key. I want to know if I can choose which payment gateway I use of does the merchant services group do this do this for me.

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The merchant needs to have a contract with the payment gateway people as that stuff doesn't come free and they might force audits and such on the merchant to protect their systems, all of which is governed by a contract.

What I think you should do is ask them which they use and suggest that if they don't have a contract with anybody yet you're somewhat familiar with First Data but not enough to have an outright preference.

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