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[Infusion Idea] RouterPwn3r


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Hello hello Pineapples :cool: ,

I would like to know if it possible to make an infusion which will do continuous scan for open wifi networks(ex. when riding a bike), then it will connect to them one by one and will try to log in(curl?) to webpage panel (bruteforce admin/admin, etc. pre-defined list) at default IP's(also pre-defined), after success will change options we set before(user password/DNS/factory reset/whatever) or simply log in that successful logged in into a log file.

Somebody? :) I would do it myself, but my time is very limited. Maybe if I got a large amount of tips, then I could reclaim time spent on research and finding solutions.


Damian :grin:

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I am sure it is possible, if somebody really wanted to do it, but I would think that there would need to be some kind of visual or auditory cue that whatever operation you were preforming was accomplished, ex collecting handshakes. If you were actually riding the bike however, you would end up with the pineapple passing the network zone before it actually had a chance to do anything. You would probably have to park outside wherever it was and give the pineapple time to work. I think it takes 5 to 15 minutes to collect a handshake depending on how many clients are connected. If you are just talking about connecting to open networks, even that takes a little bit of time, doesn't it? I could be wrong though, I seem to remember something about pineapples and aircraft (actual aircraft) in one of the episodes.

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