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Multitasking - How much is too much?


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Hey guys,

My MKV seems to be a bit slow when using the following setup:




Evil Portal

When i use the setup mentioned above, it gets so sluggish that it's becomes difficult for additional clients to connect.

According to PineAP Intelligence report there were approx. 20 clients connected to my device.

So my question is: How much is too much for the mkv? Am I using too many infusions at a time? Or are there too many clients connected?

Anyway, I'd be more than interested to hear some feedback on multitasking experiences with mkv.

Thanks guys!

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Thanks for the input guys.

I will try the TOP command next time to get a diagnoses of what going on.

Regarding the squid cache server, never heard of it. Can it be installed on the mkv?

I think i might have part of the answer.....

FACT, if I try to access my mkv while it DOESN'T have internet access (Client mode/3g) it is terrible SLOW. As soon as I feed it an internet connection it no longer lags and all is fine.

FACT: While pentesting yesterday, I was on the basement floor (food court) while feeding my mkv a 3G connection.

Perhaps the 3G connection was cheezy??? Maybe I should try client mode instead next time...

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