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How Hot is the pineapple V supose to get?


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my pineapple is running at 125 deg-F in spots under it and 98 deg-F on top. also I have a 1 inch space under it and in an open area.

How hot is too hot?

I want to leave it running 24/7 as part of my security system to log MAC addresses, and probe requests.

ive got karma running and urlsnarf and a 32gb sd. also worth noteing that im still a noob to pineapple.

PS. ive got some FLIR images of it, ill post in a few days.

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According to the datasheet for the SoC, paragraph 7.2 on page 305, the maximum temperature for the Soc is 110 degrees C which according to google is 230F. We've had people here who crammed their Pineapple in a small briefcase surrounded by plastic foam (a.k.a. heat insulation) to keep things in position while mobile, one of them keeping their case exposed in the sun for over two hours without any issues.

The cooler the better, obviously, but it can handle quite a bit.

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