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  1. my pineapple is running at 125 deg-F in spots under it and 98 deg-F on top. also I have a 1 inch space under it and in an open area. How hot is too hot? I want to leave it running 24/7 as part of my security system to log MAC addresses, and probe requests. ive got karma running and urlsnarf and a 32gb sd. also worth noteing that im still a noob to pineapple. PS. ive got some FLIR images of it, ill post in a few days.
  2. i had the same problem with osmosdr here is what i did that got a install git clone git://git.osmocom.org/gr-osmosdr cd gr-osmosdr/ git checkout standalone mkdir build cd build/ cmake ../ make sudo make install sudo ldconfig
  3. i am getting internet from wifi on the laptop and teathering it to the pine-apple over eth0. the problem is that karma keeps owning my laptop's wifi (used for the internet) and then no internet :( i have tryed to use MAC black list but it doesnt work and it doesnt keep the MAC filter when the pineapple is restarted.
  4. Is there a way to make urlsnarf to cycle the output file based on time or size? Like the -G in tcpdump does
  5. How do I ftp from pineapple tcpdump to my webserver in realtime? Tcpdump -I wlan0 -vv -q | curl -u username:password -T I get error can't find curl or can't find ftp. And ftp for urlsnarf too. Thanks,
  6. OK, thanks. :) Umm yes it sounds like the read-only firmware partition to me too. It was just that its size says 11mb and the firmware bin size is 11.8mb just wandering about the 0.8mb difference. Seems to be working fine. Thanks for a great product, I am loving playing with it at home in the lab.
  7. In the sys resources tile it says that /Dev/root in ROM is 100% used. And the firmware bin fill is 11.8mb
  8. I don't want to show people how to do it or what is being used to do it. Its not some hole in the wall place. I talked to them today and tried to talk them out of it, they said they have layers and they got the legal side of it handeled.
  9. Alright I'm pulling the plug on it, :). Well, I've now got a pineapple to play with at home. Thanks for all the input.
  10. I've got the writen permission of the network owner, and was thinking of lots of signs disclosing that there data is being monitored and publicly displayed and maybe every visitor signs a waver. The switch thing yah I know but I mean supper easy. Zoom zoom enhance. Should I just scrap this project then, the gallery owner and the arrest wants to do this.
  11. Ok, how? I am a total noob here. An artist and I want to pull everyone's tweets, emails, Facebook posts, show web pages they are looking at, and anything else we can, and display it (human readable) with a projector for everyone to see. All automatically. It'll all be kept legal. The first showing of this art piece will be in DC most likely. My first thought was to use the pineapple and a Ubuntu desktop with a lamp server to process the data from the pineapple. And when the computer boots it would lunch a web browser at localhost/index.php that would display it all to a projector with the
  12. Oh yes I want to stay on the legal side of things I love my freedom. This is suppose to Be a political statement and raise awareness about the massive invasion on privice the government is doing. Naturally written consent from the owners and signs that hopfuly say "all your communications will be monitored for your safety" and some other signs to keep it legal. I am not going to break the law. Infact sowing a double standard would be a good thing to. I have to do all these things to be ligal and the gov can ignore these things and do what they want.
  13. Can it pull the tweets, Facebook, emails, web surffing , from smart phones and laptops in the area with a flip of a switch? I am working with someone and wants to break some false perceptions that the general public has. Like people thank that the only why that spying can work is if there is a warrant like without it there is Noway to get this info like the warrant has magical powers. We want to pull everyone's tweets, emails, Facebook posts, show web pages they are looking at, and anything else we can, for anyone connected to the pineapple. (Will have to mask passwords maybe names). And d
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