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New Infusion Idea


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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the penetration testing / 'hacker' scene, but I'm eager to learn more. I have purchased a wifi pineapple and love it. It is a great way of learning loads of new things and understanding how wifi works and the inherent trust all of our much loved devices have with wifi networks.

This brings me onto my main point of this thread. I recently came across this tool, http://hack-tools.blackploit.com/2015/01/linset-wpawpa2-hack-without-brute-force.html?m=1, after reading about it, it seems like it could be a really useful tool in gaining access to WPA and WPA2 wifi networks, which I understand to be the most commonly used wifi security protocols.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this tool, is it any good, does it work?

2. It seems to me that if this tool does work it would be a great addition to the wifi pineapple, especially if it could make use of PIneAP and Karma. So would anybody be able to make an infusion for the pineapple to replicate the way this tool works?

Thanks for reading

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