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crack the WEP


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yes sir, you could do that :)

the new firmware comes bundled with an updated aircrack-ng 1.2 rc1

and included with that package is Besside-ng, and awesome tool for WPA and WEP cracking automation. well, automates WPA handshake capturing, but is a full auto WEP cracking tool. if interested, i have made a patch file for you to compile against the package, that allows for WEP only scanning / cracking. or i guess i can just drop the compiled package here.

of course, this is NOT an official package but is built from the official source, i did not modify anything other than the besside-ng.c to include some new features.

those are:

-C <num> : start wep cracking @ <num> iv's

-w : WEP scanning / cracking only. will not attempt to death WPA networks.

you can either download the package from zippyshare, or attached to this post. if you download the .zip attached to this post, you must unzip the file "aircrack-ng_1.2-rc1-3_dataheadmod_ar71xx.ipk" first. then move the ipk file to the pineapple ( /sd, or /root, or /tmp wherever ), open an ssh connection to the pineapple, cd to the directory where you put the ipk on the pineapple, then "opkg install aircrack-ng_1.2-rc1-3_dataheadmod_ar71xx.ipk"


i put mine in the root of my sd card.

cd /sd

opkg install aircrack-ng_1.2-rc1-3_dataheadmod_ar71xx.ipk

of course, you install the package at your own risk and i am not responsible for any error that may or may not occur, please install at your own risk, and be sure to know what you are doing before installing any 3rd party package.
of course, i provided the .patch file here in this thread if you would like to see my modified source and compile it yourself. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/34223-request-please-release-the-modified-aircrack-12-sources/
EDIT: i'd recommend using a fast sd card with a good size swap partition on it. the use of besside-ng, my modified version or stock version, as it is a resource hog.
also, besside-ng will write its logs to the current working directory,
so be sure to "cd /sd" before running it
but on a different note, there are plenty of other tools and ways readily available to crack wep keys using our pineapples :) and good luck and happy pentesting when you get your mk5!
Merry Christmas! cheers!


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I requested a WEP Cracking Infusion months ago no one was interested in making one i'd make but dunno anything about making infusions.

I've seen many AP's in my area to this day still using WEP i also noticed even more networks with WEP that are hidding the SSID name.

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