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[Request] Please release the modified aircrack 1.2 sources


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Just as the topic says, I'm requesting that Seb and or darren release their modified sources for the aircrack-ng 1.2 suite for ournice little devices :-) I had tried grabbing em with the mk5 source packages but they aren't included? Id love to applt my source patches to besside-ng

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Or if they aren't wanting to release the sources, could you add an alternate version of besside ng to include a wep scanning only switch? Its not all too difficult, there are variables that are triggered on the switch of -W (wpa only) that flags WEP scan=0. With little modification, you could add a -w switch to WPA scan=0. (don't recall exact variable names, but along the lines of scan/enabled) and a few little changes here and there and we can have wep only scanning. Beçaise as of right now, I've had to make my own script to loop through airodump and besside to achieve this effect on the pineapple, and is unwanted overhead. And another request if you dontwant to release the sources. Is toadd the switch for saving to custom log files. So multiple instances of besside-ng on multiple mon interfaces can be run without io errors. Thanks in advance. they aren't hard mods to apply, so if you doñt want to release the sources, could ya atleast apply those mods?

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Hi datahead,

Attached you will find the patches for aircrack-ng 1.2-RC1.

The source is not attached as it is simply downloaded, patched and then compiled by the build system. Source URLs are included in the Makefile.

You can follow our build instructions on the Wiki page to build this package (and apply any patches you want), or you can submit your patch in this thread and we'll make sure it is tested and included in the next firmware release.

You'll see that we didn't change much - just made sure it built and fixed airmon-zc requiring lspci.

Best Regards,



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i've made a patch to add 2 new options to besside-ng, -w for WEP only scanning / attacking. and -C for an integer value amount of iv's to start WEP cracking. i've also added better checking (error handling if you will ) to suffice the features added
please disregard the prior "300-wep-only.patch", as was incomplete ( my own damn lazy fault ).
and use the one linked below


Edited by datahead
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