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[Support] NbtScan


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Nbt Scan is a UI Front End for the nbtscan tool which performs netbios name scanning.

Change Log:


  • Added ability to clear results

  • Added ability to view routing table

  • Added a link to forum support topic

  • Small tile no longer checks for internet connection

  • A few UI changes

  • Fixed a command injection vulnerability

1.0 - Initial Release

  • ‚ÄčAbility to use NBT Scan from the web interface
  • Ability to install dependencies from the webinterface
  • Ability to scan other networks rather than just the pineapples network
  • Ability to review and delete previous nbt scans

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoUEACISRpw Edited by newbi3
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Well its possible that your clients don't use netbios and if thats the case you won't see them in from scanning for them. But when you saw empty do you mean that the popup box is empty with nothing in it or just that you don't see any clients in it?

To test if its an issue with the infusion SSH into your pineapple and run the scan from the command line: nbtscan (or what ever your network address is) and see if you get the same results

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  • 10 months later...

every other reboot this infusions craps the bed.

install correctly message after installing dependencies about 1000 times and every other reboot it still needs the deps installed.

That doesn't sound good, I got to say I'm not experiencing the same results can you give me some more info to help me replicate the issue?

What firmware version are you running?

What other infusions do you have installed?

Is the infusion installed on internal storage or sd storage?

Is your pineapple connected to the internet when you try to install dependencies?

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