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  1. Hi For me this infusion is not working. i never saw any output of connected clients. i tried and . any idea ? the output stays always empty.
  2. Hi . i really like metasploit , but i cant figure out ,what exactly the meterpreter infusion will do . i have kali linux on a laptop with ip and port 4444 that is listening with the php reverse tcp payload. when i start the meterpreter infusion on mkv with the port 4444 there is a short message with the sending stage and thats all . i dont know how to use this . where is the php payload and what should i do ? i looked in the www folder in mkv but there is nothing. thanx for helping !!
  3. i have firmware 1.4.1 and it doesn't work . all other infusions are working , but on the meterpreter nothing happens if i press install.
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