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Windows 95... On your watch?


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I've not really gotten into the whole wearable tech thing, don't get me wrong I love my snowboarding jacket, which has ipod controls in the arm and a headphone jack in the collar but, watches... I guess if you have a massive phone, that is so big it needs to be carried in a backpack or special bag like the 80's, then sure

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They're handy to see who's calling without pulling your phone out of your pocket/holster. You can hit the ignore button on the watch and just keep talking, or whatever you were doing. It'd be cooler if I could sync with two phones, since I carry a personal and work phone.

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I have this cute little anecdote about smart watches from my uncle. He's... let's just say that he's not in a position to know this as fact, but close enough for there to be at least some nugget of truth in there.

Apple was poised to release the iWatch for some time now. They had the watch, they had the app and all that remained was the communication link between the two. Some small-time japanese company had developed this over the course of some time and Apple entered into contract negotiations with the idea to either license the technology or, failing that, outright buy the company. The guy running that company, turns out, didn't like Apple and had absolutely NO intention of selling his tech to them. But he wasn't a complete idiot either. He knew they would just buy the company to get the tech once the contract negotiations broke down. So instead he had a chat with an investment group and offered them the tech at some sweet price level with the explicit understanding that, using this tech, smart watches would be developed and put on the market quickly and cheaply. The investment group agreed to that and did as the contract required. The end result was that before Apple could create their own communication link, the market was flooded with cheap smart watches, preventing Apple from effectively marketing theirs or demanding the high price we've grown accustomed to.

The story made me smile when he told it. No idea how much of it is based on fact, but it sounded plausible to me.

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