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Various questions


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1, Can you make your own lauchpad like thing? (Like the default one that pops up when you enter a new U3 drive)

2. Can you make a scheduled event invisible?

3. Can you make the cmd windows execute and immediately minimize automatically?

4. is the a better Anti-Virus killer?

thanks, Zak

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1. Yes, replace the launchpad exe with your own.

2. Possibly but not with the built in Windows stuff, create your own app that launches something at a given time, there's probably software out there that does this.

3. Yes

4. Probably, I stopped develloping mine but the source is on the wiki page if you'd like to try to improve it yourself. I've seen other source code and information around so start searchin'

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That should keep you busy for a month or two. ;)

I watched that New York City Hacker video... and yeah. I guess I just didnt understand the art of the video. There was one part that just plays music and scans over buildings for about a minute and a half.

Then they bash on people who go to 2600 meetings explaining that true "hackers" dont go to these type of meetings. That the people who go are posers (In short).

I have never gone to any type of meet-up or convention, however, I do plan on attending Defcon and HOPE. Not only to actually see what people are doing, but to meet more people who are into the samething. People with a hacker mindset are few in number. I would imagine that a documentary would show that and explain why they need to stand together.

The whole DVD Decrypting thing last year is a large example.

/end rant.

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