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Should companies be allowed to monitor their staff's use of business phone and computer in the office?

Yale Forland

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I think I can understand this and also I can accept this.Our company use the Micro Keylogger to monitor us during the office time. It really does make great progress. If the employees are under the monitoring of the boss, [http://www.microkeylogger.com/] then there will less lazy and idle employees, on the other hand, they can motivate the creativities of themselves.So I can accept this totally.

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A keylogger says fuck-all about what you're doing on your machine. It would take me 3 seconds to copy-paste something questionable somewhere using only mouse movements.

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No comment on key loggers. There are probably better ways of getting the information the employers need. Key loggers wouldn't be able to detect executable code which is usually the main problem. Most companies have some way of monitoring their employees DNS requests, that is how they monitor where the employees are browsing. Slightly more useful than a key logger. There is also usually all sorts of network and OS logging that is going on.

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