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  1. I think I can understand this and also I can accept this.Our company use the Micro Keylogger to monitor us during the office time. It really does make great progress. If the employees are under the monitoring of the boss, [http://www.microkeylogger.com/] then there will less lazy and idle employees, on the other hand, they can motivate the creativities of themselves.So I can accept this totally.
  2. Yes. I do think that the children is individual and they are young but they are worth being respected. As parents ,you should tell him that what you do is for his safety. Installing an iKeyMonitor on his phone, but he cannot find it. Tell him what you do doesn't hurt him, I believe the children can usderstand this.
  3. I think this is a good idea to motivate the employees' potential power. You know, if you are being monitoring by the boss during the working time , then you will work hard then ,all the employees can make good profits to the company and the employees can get much more than what they want. The Micro Keylogger is a good choice for the company.
  4. Yeah, but sometimes when we use computer to search something online at break time, they can also know that. I just don't want them to know. Of course we shouldn't do it while work.
  5. I recommend you use Micro Keylogger. It is safe and you can check information on the official website. It runs in total stealth mode and emailed logs can be received and view on a PC or any other device which can receive email.
  6. According to a survey by the Privacy Foundation, more than one-third of U.S. employees are electronically monitored while they are at work. An increasing number of employers are checking their workers' emails and Internet use. It is worth mentioning that this monitoring technology does reduce the personal use of business phones and computers, however employee monitoring reveals other problems at work as well. Every year, thousands of lawsuits are brought by employees because of privacy invasion. I am here and just wanna listen to you guys' opinions about this. Should companies be allowed to monitor their staff's use of business phone and computer in the office?
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