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HAK5 shop support ?!


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Good day, I've tried several times to Hak5 Shop by contact form to contact us. Because I ask regarding the purchase of a WIFI PINEAPPLE have. Have jetz a few days waiting in vain for an answer. Endschuldigt the bad English I use Google Translate. Please help. The best anyone has ordered aud Germany or anyone who has ever ais Germany. Yours sincerely SaAlWe

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Could you explain what the problem is? Ordering from, and shipping to Germany shouldn't be a problem.

Include some screen shots as you show what's wrong - makes it easier to bridge the language barrier.

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No there is not a problem. I wanted to ask if there is another type of payment is because I do not think PayPal really sure. I would like to transfer the money directly what actually should be no problem right? If this is not possible, I must, willy-nilly acquire PayPal ... me. Thank firstonce for the quick reply. Maybe one of you can answer me the question is yes. with friendly greet SaAlWe

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On the order page there's this bit:

Otherwise please indicate special shipping notes below or leave a message at +1 (844) 438-4255 and continue by clicking Checkout below. We will contact you within one business day for manual verification.

So it seems Paypal isn't a requirement - it's just easier and in my experience the cheapest way to pay for something in the US aside from a standard credit card payment option.

I have to admit that I myself have a big distrust for Paypal, so I don't allow them to take money from my bank account automatically. Instead, when I want to pay something via them, I transfer money from my bank account to them, wait a few days for it to show up and then pay for whatever it was I'm looking for. Takes a bit longer, but I feel a lot more comfortable with the end result.

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