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How many rubber ducky devices do you need...


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I have watched and read quite a bit about putting together multiple payloads stringed together, given that you can do that is there really a reason to have more than one ducky? Maybe a Red pill, Blue pill ducky depending on what you are trying to do? But my thought would be you would have some foreknowledge of what you are going to need and what payloads you would have on your ducky before you tried to use them.... what am i missing?

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It could be helpful to have multiple rubber duckys for when you have different payloads for each one. So like you said option 1 if this is the case and option 2 if this is the case.

I have also found different operating systems have different commands, and some work better then others. A good hack sometimes involves as much planning and recon as possible, and always written permission of course. Sometimes it's just having a couple options for when the opportunity presents its self.

Also you could also have multiple payload pre compiled on your tablet or netbook, and you could simply change them out as needed on the fly. So you could get by with just one, but whats the fun in that. :rolleyes:

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1 is all you need (to support Hak5).

A teensy with DIP switches soldered on - and any other I/O options you require is my preferred way. DuckyScript is more a proof of concept and not particularly suited to non-trivial use (in my opinion). For example: no way to wait for drivers, no two way communication protocol between computer and keyboard (e.g. via keyboard LEDs), no robust multiple payload support, cannot run arbitrary Arduino sketches, and the list goes on.

A trick was missed with the HDK add-on board - it could have so easily been a Ducky 2.0 that could have been programmed and/or controlled via the pineapple...

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There is some firmware where you can press Caps Lock or something and it will give you an option to choose multiple payloads off your ducky.

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