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Load a Playload from an Android Phone.

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Is there any program or any general way you can type a playload or download a text file with the playload and load it into the usbrubberducky with a otg cable?

I am thinking if no why not to make an android text editor with this function?

Anyone has any good idea lets put it down and create an app! !

Looking forward to it

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why not use the android phone itself as a fake usb device?

i remember there're usb api for emulating that, and there're an fake usb cdrom app for people who want to use their andoid phone as a cdrom when they want to install os without cdrom :]

i think it would be cool to make an app which will fake as a usb keyboard and use the phone's camara to monitoring the target screen. then you could try to do some interesting thing

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I'm just now coding an Android app to basically do:

- Use an inputstick.com (bluetooth to usb to keyboard dongle)

- Parse and send rubber ducky scripts

- Modify scripts before sending

- some way of remotely maintain the list of scripts

The basics work fine, now need to refine key mappings and script parsing and create remote script libs

If anyone wants to help, ping me.

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You can simply use the USB OTG adapter. Using something like DroidEdit, you can create a script, then save it as a .txt file. I don't know if you can upload files or not, but you could possibly find a file manager, and copy the script into 411's Duck Toolkit. You can then download the .bin file, transfer that to the SD Card, and use the USB Rubber Ducky as per normal.

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