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Please help me getting devices in india


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Hello everyone. After 2 month of continuously trying, I have decided to ask your help. I am staying in India. I want to purchase USB rubber ducky, and WIFI pineapple. I dont have a paypal account I cant associate the paypal account with any bank in my locality, So I have to stick with my debit card as payment mode.

My problem is, I cant order these two devices, here in india. Its showing

"Unfortunately there is no Shipping Rate available for your destination and/or weight of your cart.

Please contact the Shop Owner for further assistance."

Please help me getting these two things guys.

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Did you do what the message suggests and send an email to shop@hak5.org?

They were at a convention the past few days so your mail, if sent, might've remained unanswered for slightly longer than usual.

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