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Leds on Pineapple, problems or not?


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Hi since the upgrade to 2.0.0 i have some strange or diferent combinations in my leds.

First i see red led with green led.
Next to that i see green led and blue blinking (startup)

When the startup finish i have always the blue, orange and green led (blue and orange blink each 4 seconds, or other times like 5 seconds, or 2 seconds, isnt a regular blinking)

In the instructions have the solid red in the startup means md5sum mismach, or bad upgraded files... so i decided to flash it:

1. I follow this steps: https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing (yeah, the MD5 hash , its the same)

2. in the first reboot i still see the red led on the startup of the machine with the green led, before the normal combinations leds of the startup.

3. I get the SD and make in my computer a partition to SWAP, and other in EXT4 (maybe bad files on SD)

4. Flash it again, same issue

5. I upgrade to 2.0.2 and still same issue

Now i can "use it" (not sure what can be go bad) but i feel that the pineapple go very very very very slow, and always i have 3 leds ON: blue, orange, green.

Thanks for read

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2 of the lights are for each of the wlan(s) the green is just power i believe. I think the are both meant to start on boot because of the new ap mode .

Correct the blue its for ap mode, i turn off and the led, go down.

And the orange its the Ethernet conected.

But, in the beginig still have red and blue UP, before the combination led of the startup.


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