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Clone a WPA2-secured network?


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Scenario: I have a WPA2-secured wireless network of which I know the password. Is it possible (with the Pineapple or via some other method) to connect mimic the MAC address, security, password of the target AP while performing a deauthentication attack on said router, in order to have network devices on the target AP's network automatically connect to my "cloned" AP? I understand that this works for open wireless network, just wondering if it will work (and if there is support for this) on secured-wireless networks? In this sense, I could run ettercap etc. on my cloned AP device, where I would not be able to had I simply connected to the target AP as client.

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If you set up your AP on a different channel then the deauth should work just fine. It won't harm you as your AP is active on a completely different frequency so it won't see any of the deauths and if your signal appears stronger to the clients than that of the real AP the clients will prefer to connect to you.

I've set this up at multiple places now where a house is large and too dense for the wireless signal to get everywhere, so I simply wired up a second AP with the same SSID and password but using a different channel and IP subnet. Works like a charm. Only difference between this setup and your is that you'd like to prevent people from accessing the one, thus favoring the other.

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