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How secure is ZigBee?


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I enjoyed watching the hak5 youtube video segment with Mike Kershaw. Its now been close to two years sinse that security talk about how insecure ZigBee is, has there been any security updates for the ZigBee?

I would say just as insecure. Security isn't seen as a feature to most people, so they focus on features that people will pay for.

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I thought as much. I will stick with using 802.11. The issue I am running into is, I'm sending unencrypted data such as login credentials from my microcontroller to my TCP server. I can't seem to find a WiFi module that supports encryption. The connection to my router is encrypted using WAP, but out to my server isn't. Do you or anyone else know of an embedded WiFi module that supports extra encryption such as AES 128 or AES 256? The microcontroller i am using is the Espruino. I tested a javascript encryption library, but the Espruino ran out of memory.

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