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No networks found?


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This happens to me some times... It tells me that there are not networks but I just click again and again and again then I would get the networks, tho this is weird to happen I normally don't have problems with that.

And yeah it has happen to me in all browsers, so it's not a browser issue. :rolleyes:

Oh another think, are you using the original antennas? Because I got this error once, I plug an antenna (female) into my pineapple that its also female and of course I would never pick up signal cuz the antenna was never really contacted :dry: I figure out the error the next day when I just picked up wifi signal from few meters around.

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If it happens once in a while and is fixed by hitting the scan link a few times, it is because the interface is in a "busy" state.

It doesn't report this however, it simply returns no results when scanning. Not much I can do about it at this time.

Make sure you have the correct (SMA, not RP-SMA) antennas connected too, otherwise there can be issues too.

Otherwise, as I said, try a complete re-flash using the unbricking instructions.

Best Regards,


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