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I got this Network Adapter


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Hi, i got this Network adapter and it makes my connection like nuts. freaking good range too. I was wondering if its possible to have it on the Pineapple.

The name of it: NETGEAR A6200 WIFI Adapter (AC1200)

Image of it: http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/m/mYppg5os2X2KrEPbKde8mpA/140.jpg

It would be nice if you can make it supportive as its an freaking good range Adapter

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The Netgear A6200 is based on the BCM43526 chipset which has terrible Linux support at the moment.

You won't likely see this anytime soon on the WiFi Pineapple, sorry.

Best Regards,


But i dont have linux tho, i got windows. can it still be possible

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Ive got the same adapter and yes it has horrible linux support. I have looked all over for linux drivers for it but i never found one and since I am never in windows anymore I dont use it.

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