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This plugin allows you to log gps co-ordinates via the pineapple to the sd card.

Small tile - Displays GPS Location and GPSD / GPSPIPE status

Large tile - Displays most recent log file / location and a link to the read me.

Changelog: Initial release.


Enjoy have fun any issues / bugs / comments either drop me a message on here or on irc.

Peace Tea/Caffeine/Coffee



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This is awesome. How would I go about integrating this GPS info into a capture file if I'm running airodump-ng on the pineapple?

I've tried to start the infusion and run it while my airodump-ng is running ( I passed it the GPSD argument). No love thus far.

I'm using a BU-353 USB GPS plugged into the Pineapple. I noticed in your README file that your wrote this program with a specific GPS in mind. Does that mean it is not able to parse the raw data from a different USB GPS?

I've thought about trying to load GPSD on my pineapple, but I'm thinking if it was that easy someone would have already done that. I'm worried about bricking my machine.

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rugged, I am getting the same error, I ssh into the pineapple and can start and stop the gps logger via the sh scripts, but i get a CSRF error when I try to use the buttons from the tile... Im sure this is a simple fix, I just dont know how to fix it, would be great to get it working via the web ui though, so I dont have to ssh in to start and stop

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