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  1. You can also use google to search the forums much easier with the following sort of query: warwalk site:forums.hak5.org This is what comes up: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33626-warwalking-with-pineapple-and-battery/
  2. The errors you see don't matter. But, did you run opkg update before you downloaded the kismet-client, kismet-server packages? Also, keep in mind wlan0 radio on Pineapple supports b/g/n however, wlan1 only support b/g. So when you modify your kismet.conf file keep that in mind. You can always add additional sources from within Kismet but, it's easier to just set the source int he conf file and call it a day. Let me know if you have any other questions. ******Please use TAGS in your posts so others can benefit when they search the site.*******
  3. Digital, That would work but airodump doesn't do the whole ppi header thing. I need that info for a script I'm working on. I just posted another post about an issues I'm having with it under the Mark V section.
  4. Overview: Working on a script to create a heatmap for APs based on the GPS, RSSI and other info found in the ppi header of the dump file. My kismet.conf file is set up for ppi headers instead of 80211 headers. I run kismet on my Pineapple. gpsxml file has GPS data I view the pcapdump in Wireshark and there is no GPS data in the ppi header section. Pineapple is running libpcap version 1.1.1 which is compatible for creating the ppi info. Any ideas why the GPS data is NOT being added to the ppi header in the pcapdump file?
  5. BU-353 GPS works perfectly with one once I modified the kismet.conf file. No need for gpsd.
  6. Danix, You definitely need to killall hostapd and take both wlan0 and wlan1 down. I did not however, that when I changed the interface to wlan1 in the kismet.conf file that I wasn't getting collect on all my test APs. I added an additional source - wlan0 via the Kismet GUI and then I could see everything. After a little digging I realized the wlan1 radio on the Pineapple doesn't do n, it's only b/g thus I was missing collect on all the n APs. So, you can either mod the .conf file to use wlan0 or just have both radios spinning as sources to Kismet.
  7. t31m0 is correct. Once your phone's PNL list probes and ultimately connects to an AP in that list, it stops sending probe requests for the other APs in your PNL. Therefore Karma is not seeing something that is not being broadcast.
  8. This is to help anyone else that might need it: /usr/bin/kismet_client As shown above for location of kismet.conf from soliloquy's blog, then modify kismet.conf for this logprefix=/sd/name of directory you add to sd card #gpstype=gpsdgpstype=serial# What serial device do we look for the GPS on?gpsdevice=/dev/ttyUSB0 **** Make sure you comment out the gpstype=gpsd and uncomment the serial line and then modify the gpsdevice line to read as above. I'm using a BU-353 GPS and it's working perfectly. Good lat/lons, altitude etc. Make sure your sd card has a directory if you put a directory in your kismet.conf file's logprefix= line as seen above.
  9. Found it by searching all the files systems: /etc/kismet/kismet.conf
  10. Thanks Whistle, thanks Barry. I've got Kismet server and client running on my Pineapple successfully now. I found this link http://soliloquyforthefallen.net/blog/2014/04/12/wardriving-with-the-wifi-pineapple-mark-v/ about working with the kismet.conf file. The conf file is usually in /usr/local/etc, but there is no "local" on the pineapple. The reason I need to find it is so I can make sure the output files are save to the SD card and not internall. I also want to mess with the GPS settiings a bit. Does anyone know where the .conf file is on the pineapple after downloading the kismet_server, and kismet_client packages?
  11. A small, but very important thing to remember is that you need to start an ssh service on the receiving box first [# service ssh start] before the scp from the pineapple to your target box will work. It will prompt you for the root password and then it works fine.
  12. This may seem like a dumb question, but why does the forum search function return no hits for simple words like gps/GPS? I've tried various searches and it never returns anything.
  13. Good idea. I've gotten so used to the web interface and infusions I didn't even think about that. https://wifipineapple.com/ says there's a Kismet package available as well. Is there a pineapple reposity from which we can wget the or install Kismet?? I've got another post about the GPS integration piece into airodump-ng on another page so I will close this as solved.
  14. This is awesome. How would I go about integrating this GPS info into a capture file if I'm running airodump-ng on the pineapple? I've tried to start the infusion and run it while my airodump-ng is running ( I passed it the GPSD argument). No love thus far. I'm using a BU-353 USB GPS plugged into the Pineapple. I noticed in your README file that your wrote this program with a specific GPS in mind. Does that mean it is not able to parse the raw data from a different USB GPS? I've thought about trying to load GPSD on my pineapple, but I'm thinking if it was that easy someone would have already done that. I'm worried about bricking my machine.
  15. I've run into this same problem intermittently. I'm not sure if it depends on the sequence in which interfaces are connected/set up or what. I also occasionally lose connectivity even after I've had connectivity working for a while. The wlan0 is connected to my gateway AP and the eth0 to my pineapple. I'll be doing something and attempt to update an infusion or something that require connectivity on the box and it says internet connection is down. However, I can ping out from the box and from the box to the pineapple. I'm unsure what's happening.
  16. Choose Reconnaissance from the Drop down menu in top left. Enable scan of AP and Clients. ******** No clients show up. Yes, I have three APs showing up and I have clients attached to all of them. As an aside, how do we access all the additional functionality reconnaissance offers that I've read about but can't seem to find?
  17. Can anyone suggest a single infusions solution or perhaps a set of infusions that would create a solution to what I thought would be a simple fix but alas, I'm missing something. I want to do the following on a pentest: - Warwalk my client's campus - full packet capture with radio spinning on channels 1-11 - ability to save the full packet, multiple channel, survey to a dump, or cap file for review in Wireshark **************************** I tried Wifi Survey - doesn't allow channel spinning and writing to a file like Kismet or airodump I tried tcpdump - it seems to work intermittently, but when I choose the monitor mode option it says it doesn't support monitor mode which seemed strange to me I tried Karma - hoping that maybe the same data would basically be in the log files but the radio doesn't spin on the various channels and do full packet capture resulting in a dump file unless I just missing something obvious ****************************** Basically, I need Kismet with GPS, full packet capture on channels 1-11 and save it to a dump/cap file. I'm hoping to set everything up, unplug, stick in my bag and warwalk.
  18. Question is....what was the file you downloaded and chmod'ed??
  19. Thanks. I didn't realize reboot would flush the table rules and routing table like that. I'll try it later. Appreciate the quick reply.
  20. Sorry, I hit post by accident before finishing. ******* I'm attempting to undo all the changes that the wp5.sh script did. Is there an effective way other than going line by line through the script and doing the opposite action for each step? Is there an "undo" script floating around?
  21. Hi, I've run the wp5.sh script IOT do internet sharing on my Kali Linux box. I'm now attemtp
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