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Connect to an AP with command line commands?

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Try udhcpc

root@Pineapple:~# udhcpc --help
BusyBox v1.19.4 (2014-04-14 19:56:32 CEST) multi-call binary.

Usage: udhcpc [-fbnqoCRB] [-i IFACE] [-r IP] [-s PROG] [-p PIDFILE]
	[-H HOSTNAME] [-V VENDOR] [-x OPT:VAL]... [-O OPT]...

	-i,--interface IFACE	Interface to use (default eth0)
	-p,--pidfile FILE	Create pidfile
	-s,--script PROG	Run PROG at DHCP events (default /usr/share/udhcpc/default.script)
	-B,--broadcast		Request broadcast replies
	-t,--retries N		Send up to N discover packets
	-T,--timeout N		Pause between packets (default 3 seconds)
	-A,--tryagain N		Wait N seconds after failure (default 20)
	-f,--foreground		Run in foreground
	-b,--background		Background if lease is not obtained
	-n,--now		Exit if lease is not obtained
	-q,--quit		Exit after obtaining lease
	-R,--release		Release IP on exit
	-S,--syslog		Log to syslog too
	-O,--request-option OPT	Request option OPT from server (cumulative)
	-o,--no-default-options	Don't request any options (unless -O is given)
	-r,--request IP		Request this IP address
	-x OPT:VAL		Include option OPT in sent packets (cumulative)
				Examples of string, numeric, and hex byte opts:
				-x hostname:bbox - option 12
				-x lease:3600 - option 51 (lease time)
				-x 0x3d:0100BEEFC0FFEE - option 61 (client id)
	-F,--fqdn NAME		Ask server to update DNS mapping for NAME
	-H,-h,--hostname NAME	Send NAME as client hostname (default none)
	-V,--vendorclass VENDOR	Vendor identifier (default 'udhcp VERSION')
	-C,--clientid-none	Don't send MAC as client identifier
	USR1	Renew current lease
	USR2	Release current lease

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