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Script to prepare WLAN interfaces - at boot


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I've been working on a script to run at startup to get my wireless interfaces prepared and set. So far testing this I have :

Ifconfig wlan1 down; iw reg set BO; iwconfig wlan1 channel 13; iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30; macchanger -r wlan1; ifconfig wlan1 up

But when I view the system logs I'm seeing a few errors :

cron.error crond[1730]: time disparity of 23360425 minutes detected

DFS Master region: unset

Regulatory domain changed to country: BO

SET failed on device wlan1; Device or resource busy.

Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04)

cfg80211: Calling CRDA for country:BO

Any of you have an idea why this isn't working?

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Could it be that your dhcp daemon is still holding on to the interface?

Assuming you're using dhcpcd as dhcp daemon, try starting your script with 'dhcpcd -k wlan1' and ending with 'dhcpcd wlan1'.

Time disparity is fixed by installing an ntpclient and letting it sync every so often.

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As a side note: it is possible to add a RTC (real time clock) to the pineapple via the expansion bus (software I2C using 2 GPIO pins). This way the Pineapple can have the correct time, irrespective of whether it is able to sync with time servers.

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