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SSLSTRIP http access issues


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Hey guys,

Can anyone confirm me if "sslstrip" is working properly?

Before anything, I´m testing this with my computers. So I'm the one using the victim tablet PC.

My situation is rather simple:

1) I enable sslstrip.

2) Victim connects to my Pineapple AP

3) Victim navigates to yahoo mail, hotmail etc...

4) When the victim enters the user/password, the victim is unable to enter his or her account.

Could it be that some browsers, like IE on Windows 8 somehow detect sslstrip?

Sslstrip DOES provide me with the victim´s access credentials but for some reason it doesn´t grant the user access to yahoo mail, hotmail etc..

A side note, The victim can navigate but cant access htpps.

Thanks for reading.


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Guest spazi

Have you tried different browsers?
I fooled around in sslstrip yesterday and I noticed that it changes a lot depending on what browser I use.

I had great success with Safari, not with firefox.

Guess I have to experiment tonight hehe :)

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YUP, looks like you're right.

So it really depends on the browser's implementation of HSTS. I guess it's a matter of time before all browsers incorporate this.

Looks like it may be the beginning of the end for SSLstrip. :(


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