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  1. If you tell me how to do it, since Im form Hungary, and I need this, and I could not find it on the internet besides of this : https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/wiki/Create_New_Language_Map
  2. If you want to buy in EU, check Trading Topic I am currently selling mine (mark v) only within EU :)
  3. Decided to sell my pineapple wifi condition: used only for few times location: Hungary or shipping within EU only payment: paypal or bitcoin For pictures PM me
  4. The concept is great, but this seems to be like you want to use this for blackhat activities. I dont trust in automated things, there are always something goes wrong. Good luck, I hope somebody creates this !
  5. This link is great but cant find any tutorials on the site
  6. I dont know the command that should I use
  7. Basically, I want to learn everything I can do with it,and how. Expecially MITM attack first.I have one alfa awus036H attached to my pineapple, thats the wlan2
  8. Hello guys! Can anyone help me with a correct settings of ettercap please? I have tried several options, but all failed yet. Please help
  9. I have it installed infusion, But its not that i want. I want, when people looking for wifi on their phones, then see my pineapple, click connect, page appears on , ask for click, then click and it gives acces to the internet
  10. Can I install this on my pineapple? Like on the airports, people must click on a continue/connect in order to connect my pineapple. ( captive portal before connect) Usually on phones Edit: maybe with a login with facebook infos
  11. Hey I successfully started to crack with bully. But after 5 mins, I only get timeouts. any ideas to fix?
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