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Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering what music everyone had on their "hacking playlists" so to speak. I have a lot of music like Scrap the System - Brennan Heart; Java - Pronobozo; some Dual Core and so on. Let me know what you love to listen to, and we can all compile and add to our very own Hacker Playlists!

MB60893 Out!

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I really like

and I'm in fact wearing one of their shirts on my forum pic (which was taken during Wacken '04). These guys were one of the first bands to put their music in MP3 form online for free for anybody to listen to. This is from before the file sharing days where downloading just a single song would easily take over half an hour. One of their geeky things is that they used a SidStation, which features the SID chip from the Commodore 64, as one of the instruments. If you click on the link you get the song Elite which has some of those sounds already in the first 30 seconds. When they finally decided to cut a CD from the web tracks I made my first online purchase ever and got that CD and the shirt I'm wearing in the pic. On it it says:
\,,/ >_< \,,/

Now I don't give a *RATS ASS* that the Wikipedia page says they've been making music since 2000, I got my first post-school job in '99 and I ordered that CD and shirt in my school years.

Another cool band that does funky things with computer sound chips is Horse The Band who use sounds produced by the 8-bit Nintendo. Most of the music they make, I must confess, rather sucks, but they had 2 strokes of absolute genius with the songs


Bunnies is about a 'Whack-a-mole' style game that apparently featured bunnies on the Nintendo. I think it's totally funny that they kind of scripted a reason why it would be completely warranted to utterly and completely smash cute little bunnies in a computer game until the controller breaks. Cutsman is about an end boss in the game Mega Man.

Stuff that's on my playlist when I'm actually doing something tends to be metal with lyrics that are hard to make out or almost impossible to sing along to. In that case the music for me has to drown out my surroundings without drawing me too much into the music as that would distract. I also very much enjoy music that's a few steps above your regular 1-2-3-4 beat. Stuff like

or the brilliant
. And of course music that has something... well... weird about them. Like this song by Taake. You'll probably hate it, but listen a bit to it and then skip forward to 3:15. When I first heard that instrument kick in I was like "WTF?!?" but it totally works. Last one I'll mention that is equally creative with instruments is the german folk-metal band
. Seen them live a few times and every time's a grand party with these guys.

Oh, and last but certainly not least is the band Anal Cunt (no, I'm not making this up), typically abbreviated to AxCx. Their music (well...) is an acquired taste, but I think they're side-splitting hilarious. Songs like

, Bonus Track #3 and
. Edited by Cooper
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My goodness, thankyou Cooper for listing these music groups, you must really be passionate about music, and hacking!

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Awesome! Keep adding more songs guys, I love the music that's coming in!

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Guest spazi

I'm really into technical music if it has a groove as well. I've been listening a lot to Periphery and especially Animals as Leaders.
Digg it! ;)

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