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Found 15 results

  1. Can someone guide me to become a Ethical Hacker. I am just new to this and I know little bit of python and Java. I have always been interested in this field and I am looking forward for a career in it.
  2. HI, I try to put my helloworld.txt into an inject.bin file and if i put in java -jar duckencode.jar -i helloworld.txt it says error: unable to access jarfile duckencode.jar Sorry for my bad english :)
  3. So i tried to use this command, but my computer says that 'java' is not recognized as a command java -jar encoder.jar -i source.txt
  4. Hi, I am a helpdesk technician. there is a web-based help-desk system written in java that I use at work. It is very very very slow and requires you to click apply after making the slightest change. I always lose what I have typed into it. I would like to make a front-end interface for it. Wounder if in VB, there is a way to call java variables from a web page window copy the content to a VB program variable and upon clicking update in said VB program make changes to the web application. haven't done serious programming before. Know Introduction to VB, turing, C++ Please Advise.
  5. Hey guys, I have a JAVA project and I want to add this msfvenom payload to it, but I have no idea how to "execute" this buf. Anyone know how to do this? or is there any other option on injecting code ? --the payload was generated with './msfvenom -p osx/x64/say TEXT="it works" -f java' thanks. buf = new byte[] { (byte) 0x48, (byte) 0x31, (byte) 0xc0, (byte) 0xb8, (byte) 0x3b, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x02, (byte) 0xe8, (byte) 0x16, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x2f, (byte) 0x75, (byte) 0x73, (byte) 0x72, (byte) 0x2f, (byte) 0x62, (byte) 0x69, (byte) 0x6e, (byte) 0x2f, (byte) 0x73, (byte) 0x61, (byte) 0x79, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x69, (byte) 0x74, (byte) 0x20, (byte) 0x77, (byte) 0x6f, (byte) 0x72, (byte) 0x6b, (byte) 0x73, (byte) 0x00, (byte) 0x48, (byte) 0x8b, (byte) 0x3c, (byte) 0x24, (byte) 0x4c, (byte) 0x8d, (byte) 0x57, (byte) 0x0d, (byte) 0x48, (byte) 0x31, (byte) 0xd2, (byte) 0x52, (byte) 0x41, (byte) 0x52, (byte) 0x57, (byte) 0x48, (byte) 0x89, (byte) 0xe6, (byte) 0x0f, (byte) 0x05 };
  6. Are there any good open source Linux Java disassemblers?
  7. Hi, did someone know how i could decrypt a BLOB-Data from the Windows Registry? For Example there is a digital certificate stored which looks like it is encrypted. Now i want to decrypt it with java and native call the crypt32.dll (function: cryptUnprotectData()) with JNA. i tried it, but i get data invalid error. the function could have many arguments, but i did not found out which i have to use exactly. here is my little peace of code - maybe it helps.. byte[] byteArray = (byte[]) Advapi32Util.registryGetValue(WinReg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\SystemCertificates\\AuthRoot\\Certificates\\02FAF3E291435468607857694DF5E45B68851868", "Blob"); byte[] protectedData = Crypt32Util.cryptProtectData(byteArray); String test = new String(protectedData); System.out.println(test); When i run this code i get: Data invalid - win32 exception. so i think something wrong with the input data. Maybe the data was not encrypted with dpapi? or i need to use some of the arguments (see here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa380882%28v=vs.85%29.aspx)? Hope someone could help me :) thnx!
  8. Hey guys, first post here, big fan of the show. Long story short, I'm making a frontend GUI for pianobar, and need to run a small shell script and poll a file every half a second or so, and am having difficulty finding easily-understandable documentation on creating the background process thread within the swing framework. If anyone shows interest, I can post some code snippits. Thanks in advance! -TGYK
  9. Hey Everyone, I was just wondering what music everyone had on their "hacking playlists" so to speak. I have a lot of music like Scrap the System - Brennan Heart; Java - Pronobozo; some Dual Core and so on. Let me know what you love to listen to, and we can all compile and add to our very own Hacker Playlists! MB60893 Out!
  10. Hey all! So I finally got my first Pebble (very proud owner), and I'm actually in the process of developing an app idea I have for it: Spot the ISS from your pebble! I've already conquered the "Hello World" construction (Barely), but I want to collaborate with you all on something: What I really need to accomplish in this app is GPS positioning to display Longitude & Latitude VS your current location (based by the connection of your phone). However, I'm VERY rusty on my C. I found this GitHub of (apparently) a protocol the Pebble likes, is anyone familiar with C able to tell if this is virtually my Golden Ticket? Without giving the spoilers away. I do wanna learn something! lol Thanks guys!
  11. New version of the encoder is out. (Usual place https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode ) Changes: Country codes now conform to iso 3166-1 alpha-2 : eg UK has now become GB, Sweden (SV) is now the SE (ISO 3166-2) Added new countries: CA Canada, NO Norway etc Other bug fixes added to language maps from SVN repo Supported Country list: resources/be.properties resources/ca.properties resources/ch.properties resources/de.properties resources/dk.properties resources/es.properties resources/fr.properties resources/gb.properties resources/it.properties resources/no.properties resources/pt.properties resources/ru.properties resources/se.properties resources/us.properties
  12. Description: This is a basic implementation of a ruby HTTP proxy with the ability to inject arbitrary code into a web pages response. This allows for a multitude of attack vectors which will soon be released in my JasagerPwn script, but you can use your imagination and create your own vectors with this. Some basic attack vectors you can play with (they will also be automated in my script): beef hook injection, java applet injection, browser/plugin exploit injection. Feature Set: Installer - Install the dependencies in order to run the ruby script. Proxy Log Output - Displays the log standard output that is generated by Digininja's proxy script. Attacker (single address) filter - Pretty self explanitory, this adds a '! -s attacker_ip' in the iptables rule so you do not inject code into your own browsing sessions. Injection Code EDitor - Allows you to enter in any arbitrary code into the text editor. Note, if you have an attack running and modify this code - you need to restart the attack. Auto Refresh Enable/Disable and Logging in Small Tile Screenshot (Interface): Screenshot (Basic Alert Pop-up):
  13. For the full tour of the application, please view http://www.elithecomputerguy.com/ETCGCommunity/index.php?do=/forum/thread/65/aircrack-ngui/. Mods, I am not redirecting to another site for any ad purposes. Merely because you have an image limit. So, the abridged version. My program is a graphical interface to Aircrack-NG, dsniff, and nmap (at least the main part). If you go to "Other Tools", it includes other network/computer security tools that you can use (including Wireshark, MAC Changer, BURP Suite, TOR Network). My overall goal of the application is to be a "swiss army knife" for those learning network security and network professionals alike. Let me know if you can help develop, run quality control, or beta test. It's currently up on BitBucket and you can get the link from http://aircrackngui.blogspot.com. Also, let me know what you think. Good idea, bad idea, done too often, doesn't compete with other suites like it? Thank you for your time.
  14. I'm pleased to introduce a project of mine, AlgoTut v2.0. This application provides a visual approach for better understanding searching and sorting algorithms. The current release is limited to Sorting and Searching algorithms but the future releases would have several others including a functionality for utilising custom algorithms. This application is completely build using JavaFX api, so it is portable to multiple platforms. This project is an open-source project, for dowloading the source, please visit my github page FEATURES: 1. Real-time visualisation of each step, an algorithm takes to complete its task, using bar-graph. 2. For each step, A log-entry is generated and displayed, thus generated log can be saved and can be used as a later reference. 3. Each step could be delayed for 1 to 4 seconds thus providing some time to understand what algorithm did. Your feedback is very important for development of this application. Thanks! SNAPSHOTS: Application start up. Binary search algorithm running Search item found! Array loaded for sorting. Insertion sort algorithm running Sorting done!
  15. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and have been trying to get Armitage running correctly so I can learn and advance to more advanced methods. I got Metasploit installed just fine, but when I try to execute armitage I get the error "line 1: java: command not found" and nothing happens. What should I do from here to get it to work?
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