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A Tip Before Updating

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Which is another reason why I've posted a question to the community on how they manage configs. Seems that it should be easy enough to dd the root filesystems onto an sd card or somewhere. But frankly, my experimentation with that has not been "easy". So I'd like to hear other concepts of how to do it.

It gets awfully tiring restoring settings and swapping config files in and out for different projects and in between updates. The root filesystems aren't big enough to run a proper cms, nor would I want the CPU overhead of doing this. It would also be nice to tripwire (or similar) some of the bins and config files to ensure that they've not been tampered with since these boxes can often be subject to a lot of abuse while in the field.

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You'll find that we do have a warning on the upgrade page that upgrading will wipe all user data (except anything on the SD card).

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Yes, I found that after. I thought I should post it here for ignorant people like me... :P

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In browsing around, there's a few people who have used git and github to manage this for other systems. Not sure how heavy git is, but would anyone be interested in working with me to port it to busy box to see if it works as a config management tool?

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