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Pineapple Juice 12800


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Just got my juice for my Mark V, but despite it "charging" for about six hours, it doesn't seem to have nor hold a charge. If I plug it inline, and flip it on, the Mark V works fine, but as soon as the wall power goes, so does the Pineapple.

Anyone know if the Juice needs to be switched off or on to charge? I had it in the off position for the last six hours...

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Thanks. As it shipped with only a US adaptor (and I'm nowhere near the US), this is a bit awkward. I'll find a 12V @ 1A somewhere locally - I just noticed the MarkV is only 9V, so that would explain it. Frustrating.

Best grab a plug converter!

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About how long should I charge for? 12 hours, 4, 24 etc. ? How do I know if its fully charged? Green/red lights don't seem to be working properly.


Charge time for a completely dead battery is around 15 hours

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