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MARK 5 on HP mini note running windows 7 starter


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Hi all

Well while I had my Mark 5 since its launch, I have only managed to play with it the last week as I am on holidays....yes I know...slack....

Anyway I have just spent the last 24 hours trying to work out why I can't get it to work on my HP mini note 210 1000 which is running Windows 7 Starter, now I know this is suppose to be a cut down version , and I have patched it to allow you to change wall paper now, but what I didn't know, is the fact that it doesn't have internet sharing.......

I could connect my broswer to the pineapple, but couldn't connect to the bar, no internet

I could connect to the internet as normal by the browser.

but no matter what, I couldn't get it to provide the pineapple with internet.

I am using a 3g Hawuia usb modem as my connection source plugged into the HP mini notebook, and also my android tablet as wireless AP connect wirelessly to the HP mini notebook, neither worked.

I had tried to follow the instructions and video by darren, but I just realised the network adapters had no tab for internet sharing, and that is when I realised, Windows 7 starter doesn't support internet sharing.

see msdn doc http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows7/networking-in-windows-7-starter


so, does anyone know of a solution.

If not, let this post be a guide for anyone else tearing their hair out using windows 7 starter on small note books

I have switched to my experimental rig running XP, and followed the instructions for setting internet sharing, I can now access the pineapple bar.


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One solution would be to use "Client Mode" from the WiFi pineapple web interface. It allows the pineapple to connect to a wireless access point and will automatically give pineapple clients access to the network/internet.

I am unclear of where your Hawuia modem is plugged in based off of the above, but plug it directly into the pineapple and configuring it should allow internet access as well.

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Also, its probably good to know that Windows 7 Starter does not have ICS capabilities. I stumbled upon this when I first got my netbook, and as far as i'm aware you can't patch it to give it ICS options.

Run to linux.

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I was planning to use the notebook with wireshark, as I have all my tools on it, so I will have to rethink my platform options. It is disapointing that windows has done this.

I might try to run virtualbox , as I have mint setup vm that is running my firmware tools.

I have live disc of backtrack 2 and 4 I can try to install, I tried to download kali but got a bad iso image , half the files gone, or my anti v decided to delete them.

Anyway, let it be known that windows 7 starter has no ICS on it, so you can't provide internet thru it.

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