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  1. Hi All my name is Peter As for my profle name, I live in a SWAMP , i have a PIneapple, and i wardrive WIFI Favorite game: Elder scroll series Favorite author: H.P.LOVECRAFT ,WILLIAM GIBSON Favorite motorbike: Harley davdison computers I have owned TRS-80 MC10 TRS-80 COCO 2 (COLOR COMPUTER 2) COMMOADORE AMIGA 128 386 WITH DOS 6 AND WINDOWS 3.11 WIN95 WIN98 WIN2000 WINXP WIN7 WIN 8 linux mandrake 3 linux dsl linx mint ( currently on Virtual box) And still have all the oem disk back to windows 3.11 and dos 6 My first computer was the TRS-80 MC10 , and I learnt to hack and assembly on that when I was 10, drove the guy in the shop nuts, how do I do this, what is the poke for that. I also have built /disassembled electroncis since I was 10, love build bugging equipment. Have a love of music, guitars and bass, but have now gotten into computer music and keyboards the last few years with cubase and halion sonic, and loving it. music - the four pillars -(black sabbath - judas preist - iron maiden -motorhead ) but also a large range from Meldoy gardot , daft punk, and others, really anything except country, can listen to some but not a fan. Into motorcycles, have a couple of Harleys and other toys. I am a machinst / egineer , machinist by trade but went on to engineering and now working as a CAD /CAM Programmer , working with PTC Creo 2 , CGT Vericut simulation package and Icam. I have access to my own lathe and mill, tig ,plasma, can really do a lot of my own stuff. Have a love of the Occult and magic and spent 5 years studying Alchemy prinicples Been away from the Hacking community for the last ten years, while following the last two interests, my career has taken 90% of my time. But I am back and looking foward to catching up with what I love doing...hacking....
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