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Hey I'm looking to set up an NFS. Not finding too much useful out there for tutorials. I have an old gateway 1.8 P4 with 2 300 gb hard drives and 512MB ram. It's connected to a Linksys router (switch). Its got a bare bones version of XP running on it now, but I can install a linux distro on it.

->Looking for an easy to impliment solution that will allow multiple Os's to be able to access the NFS.

->Also looking for some instruction on configureing the NFS itself.

Any help would be great.


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yeah why, ive added a bunch of spare crap i had lying around, the Hd's are maxors...i think.....i cant remember.....

I got the box barbones from the college I am employed by, they were gonna throw it out.

took out the stock HD that was burnt up, replaced with the two (maxors), i had in a media center that went belly up.

u got any thing to say that will helpl or r u jsut flaming me casue im a noob to the forum>?

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I had to use TCP rather than UDP to get any performance over it.

Also, it seems NFSv4 just isn't ready yet. Stick with v3 for the time being.

I've got a server running here with NFS, so if you run into issues there's a fair chance I can help.

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