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Best language for the application?


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I'm after some advice on a project I'm working on. It involves taking some input of hours worked in different departments over a time period for 5 to 10 staff members and storing them, doing some calculations with them to produce total hours, salary etc and then producing some graphs and reports to compare the activities of the staff.

In the first instance this can be done as a standalone program on a pc with single user input. Obviously there will need to be some sort of database/table structure to store the inputs and calculations.

I was looking at doing this myself as I have some programming experience. A lot of microFocus COBOL from years ago - but non recently so have no experience of using it in a windows gui environment and anyway the license and runtime fees for Microfocus are extortionate. I am fairly competant C programmer but again not suitable for this is my experience. I have done a bit of python but want something that I compile into a binary.

So I find myself in the position of having to either learn a new language suitable for this or bring someone into work on this with me.

Either way I need to know what would be the best language language to use given the requirements of the project. Is there anyone on here that has experience that could give me some advice?


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I'd say c++ if you want a binary. If you are fine with a Java executable, I suggest Java for this.

Yes, you may hate the language but when it comes to easy UI building, graphs and portability, Java has proven very useful. Plus it is dead easy and there is a lot of documentation on pretty much everything.

Best Regards,


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You can complie python programs into stand alone binaries very easily if thats the only thing keeping you from doing it in python.

Check out py2exe and pyinstaller. I personally prefer pyinstaller but thats just becuase I know how to use it best.



If you don't want to go with python then maybe go with C# or Java. The best option in my opinion would be PHP and mySQL if you have a web server you could run it on this way it wouldnt have to be a local program and could be accessed anywhere inside your network.

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