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read command bash loop


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Hi all,

Yes I know I'm lame, its been such a long time since I've done any kind of scripting, I'm a cisco kid now. Wondering if any one can help me.

echo -n Enter BSSID:

read name

echo $name >> /tmp/blacklist.txt

Basically wanting that to run multiple times and then move on when the user is finished entering. I know I could just send the values as arguments when running the script (script.sh arg1 arg2 ect( but this way is much nicer.

I'm thinking something like a while loop reading $name and if say "exit" comes up breaking the loop, but not sure on the syntax or if this is the best way as 'exit' would appear in the file also.

thanks for any help

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Sure! It's pretty simple, just an endless while look with an if statement checking the name variable which breaks it out of the loop.


while true; do
  echo -n Enter BSSID:
  read name
  [[ "$name" == "exit" ]] && {
    echo Exiting.
  } || {
    echo $name >> /tmp/blacklist.txt

Best Regards,


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