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  1. Fixed it, my bad. Problem was staring me in the face, unable to enumerate USB device on port 3! Dongle was connected to powered usb hub via extension lead. Removed lead, directly connected, sorted. I've never had a USB extension lead that actually worked, they are next to useless.
  2. Hi all, Yes I know I'm lame, its been such a long time since I've done any kind of scripting, I'm a cisco kid now. Wondering if any one can help me. echo -n Enter BSSID: read name echo $name >> /tmp/blacklist.txt Basically wanting that to run multiple times and then move on when the user is finished entering. I know I could just send the values as arguments when running the script (script.sh arg1 arg2 ect( but this way is much nicer. I'm thinking something like a while loop reading $name and if say "exit" comes up breaking the loop, but not sure on the syntax or if this is the best
  3. Hmmmm, what's wrong with blocking them or how about the radical idea of ignoring them or deleting facebook all together! Seems this is just a story to get help with gaining access into some ones account :-/
  4. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help, bit of a noob with this. Had a pineapple quite a while and had no problems so far, all working well. Decided to try and get 3g working so bought a mf637 T-mobile branded dongle unlocked. Using a script found on the forums I'm getting no joy at all and have no clue where to start. Lsusb output doesn't show the dongle at all : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1a40:0101 Terminus Technolog
  5. Ill have a mess around with the delays and let you know how I get on. Ahhh I didn't know that about 2.6, thanks for the info :-)
  6. Hi all, New user to the duck wondering if any of you guys can help me. I've updated the firmware to twin duck to eventually use mimikatz and procdump on my system. 1st of all I tested with my default inject.bin which was a lock screen message found on github. Didn't work when plugging in as before upgrade, but changed the 1st delay to 1000 now it runs fine when plugging in. Testing another script (below), for some reason it just stops when the screen resolution dialog pops up. Nothing else. Just stops dead. Any ideas? Probably something simple, just want to make sure I'm doing everything
  7. I'd use a script with mdk3 for that. Add the macs you want to whitelist in the script. Search the forums, I think someone put up an example script which you could modify. If you think you'll have poblem, yes use the alfa in the kali vm and just have the pineapple with karma running.
  8. If its just accessesing the web gui, as above. If its setting up ICS, sharing the internet on your computer via an ethernet cable connected to the pineapple, then make sure you have windows firewall on, wont work if its turned off. On the lan for the pineapple, make sure subnet mask and set for primary dns. Also just after you enable sharing for the pineapple lan adapter on your internet facing adapter on your computer, go back and make sure, subnet mask and dns are still set as windows 7 will try to change these to someth
  9. If you have an iphone or android device yourself, and connected to the same network just get a network scanner app, simple. Will show host names, MAC addresses and any open ports. Ah mis read your post, I'm guessing you want this info while the iphone is just sending out probes?
  10. Im looking for the same thing, and although im not scared of doing any modding, since i dont have a usb hub already id rather not do any cutting if i have to. What do you think of this: https://www.modmypi.com/New-Link-4-Port-USB-Hub-%28USB-2.0-with-Mains-Adaptor%29
  11. Hi All, First time user here and before I ask my question I'd just like to say a big thankyou to all the people who have worked on the MKIV and the people who contribute to the forums and wikis. I bought myself an ap121u and flashed it in no time at all with little prior experience, couldnt have been easier. I've used a script provided by lsc on these forums to get my internet tethering via wifi and an alfa dongle working great, apart from one thing. Doesnt seem to change the mac address of the above mentioned dongle. Ive tried doing it manually and also setting a mac as per below. Ifconfig
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